Our Core Philosophy

PabulumIAS stands true to its motto "Meaningful education within Means" : One is able to aspire for Civil Services irrespective of one’s economic means, educational background or social background, is the core philosophy of PabulumIAS.

Pabulum Answer Writing Programme (P-AWP)

"The last sentence is not written unless the first one is written"

About the Programme

The CSE Main Examination tests the aspirants on quality of content, style of presentation, and brevity of expression.
These aspects of answer writing remain either underdeveloped or unattended and even with indepth knowledge and content hold, the Civil Services aspirants unknowingly carry removable gaps and voids in their answer writing and presentation skills.
In order to address these deficiencies, Pabulum IAS has conceived a Mains Answer Writing Programme, designed to sharpen and hon answer writing skill.
The emphasis, here, is to identify those gaps and provide all the necessary solutions and corrections to remove them.


  • The programme shall be conducted in Four Rounds, each Round comprising 6 weeks.
  • Each week 6 - 10 questions are provided according to the schedule for particular topics of Mains syllabus.
  • The answers are to be submitted within 6 days i.e. by Saturday.
  • The answers, evaluated by an expert will be discussed on one to one basis after a week of submission of answers, preferably on Monday with option of flexi-scheduling.
  • Week 1: Monday - Questions with handouts will be given
  • Saturday - Submission of answers.
  • Week 2: Evaluation of answers.
  • Week 3: Monday - Discussion on questions of Week 1.
  • This cycle is repeated for new topics of Week 2.
  • Week 4: Monday - Discussion on questions of Week 2.
  • Hence every Monday, there will be discussion on questions released two weeks before. Refer to the Schedule Chart on next page.