Online Classes for GS PRE-CUM Mains

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One of the most important developments of 21 st century is Information Technology Revolution. It has facilitated immense developments in all the areas of human endeavour. One such development is Digital Education.
Distance, no more remains a disadvantage. Huge distances are covered by just click of a mouse or touch of human fingers. Accessibility to knowledge has increased multi-fold. Whether you are a college going student or a working professional or are located far away fro Delhi, the hub of Civil Services Exam Preparation, you are not at all at any loss.
In the Video Classes: Pabulum IAS, Best IAS Preparation Institute in Delhi, after doing successfully in Offline Courses, has now ventured into online IAS Preparation. One of the best Civil Services Exam Preparation Institutes in Delhi, the Institute provides recorded video lectures for both Preliminary Exam and Mains Exam. The recorded video of various topics of General Studies, are real time coverage from offline classes, the lectures are as comprehensive in coverage as if one were attending in the real time situation.
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Note: This course does not include Optional Subject.