Mains Test Series

Price ₹11,500
Duration 2 Months
Credit Jun.2019

The most crucial stage of the Civil Services Examination is the Mains Stage. This stage tests the aspirants on all the aspects of his ability ranging from concept clarity, content relevance, answer writing and its presentation. It also focuses on writing a good answer within the stipulated time frame. Pabulum IAS Mains Test Series has been designed to meet all the aspects. The topics so covered bear strong relevance to the trend of the UPSC exam. The answer booklets are evaluated by a team of experts and each test paper is discussed in the class.


Duration: 60 days

No of Tests:

  • 1 Essay Test
  • 6 Sectional Tests
  • 4 Full-Length Tests


06/07/2019  MT1: Ethics 10.00 am- 1.00pm Online
 13/07/2019  MT2: Essay  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 20/07/2019  MT3: Heritage & Culture, Modern History & World History   10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 27/07/2019  MT4: Geography, Environment & Disaster Management  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 03/08/2019  MT5:Polity,Governance & International Relations  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 10/08/2019  MT6: Indian Economy ,Science & Tech & Internal Security  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 17/08/2019  MT7: Society & Social Justice  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 21/08/2019  MT8: Full length 1         GS Paper1  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 25/08/2019  MT9: Full length 2         GS Paper 2  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
 29/08/2019  MT10: Full length 3       GS Paper 3   10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online
02/09/2019  MT11: Full length4        GS Paper 4  10.00 am- 1.00pm  Online